I’m not blind…

Tuesday morning after the eclipse, my Rileigh came bounding downstairs proclaiming, “I’m not blind!”.

If y’all know my girl, you are not surprised by the fact that she spent the days & hours before the big event Googling things like “How long does it take a retina to burn?” & “Quality of Life After a Retina Burn”.

I wish I were joking. 

This is just who she is. 

She feels it all & she sees the details when most can’t even begin to see the entire picture. 
She loves unconditionally & she worries about everyone…especially animals and special needs children.
A few weeks ago, she said, “Mom…I hope when I have a baby I have a baby with special needs.”
Y’all…this is the part of the story where I wish I could tell y’all how I quoted some appropriate scriptures to her & I told her what an honorable gift that would be & how amazing she would be under those circumstances. 
But, my mouth moved faster than my brain (imagine that!) and I tried in very loving terms to say something about being careful what you wish for.  
Go ahead & gasp. 

Be disappointed in my response. 

Look down & shake your head at my selfishness. 

Just be sure your answer would have been different first
She wasn’t having it. 

This is her dream

Her biggest heart’s desire.
And if anyone can handle & deserves a blessing like that, it’s that blonde-haired, 11-year-old angel. 
She has the purest of hearts. Anyone who has ever had more than minimal contact with her will wholeheartedly agree. She loves the unworthy  & comforts the needy & is drawn to the unloveable people.
So, when she came bounding down the stairs proclaiming how happy she was to not be blind, I wasn’t surprised at all…but in a split second I was overwhelmed by this thought: 

What would life be like if we got up each and every day proclaiming what we were thankful for rather than thinking of all the things that aren’t quite right. 
What if we just stopped focusing on the weather & the schedule & the bills & the “stuff” and we just looked for the blessings…really LOOKED for them.

They are there. 

And sometimes it’s as simple as just realizing you woke up not blind. 

And so there is that



married mother of 5. lover of hot chocolate, books, and all things vintage. country girl with a city girl heart.

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