It’s August. 

It’s the last couple weeks of summer & this momma is feeling it. 
We have bought enough glue for slime recipes to keep Pandora’s Box locked up tight forever. My kids may never even know the actual real purpose for glue. Ever

We have replaced a certain leaky bicycle tire tube not once, but twice. 

We have hidden painted rocks…and found painted rocks…re-hidden painted rocks and found even MORE painted rocks. Yes, rocks. Those things filling the driveway that we have been walking around kicking out of the way for years. They are cool now, it seems. 

 We have all watched more Netflix than can possibly be safe for the psyche. Like seriously…who can watch tv all. day. long? My people can, that’s who

The littles have made a YouTube channel where they make stuff and open stuff and do stuff. Mostly make slime, I think. Go figure. Yes, I am aware it’s not safe for kids to be on the internet. No, I really don’t even care anymore because it’s August. 
The three middles schoolers have spent 97.4% of the summer arguing with each other. Pick a topic. They are not particular. 




The list is endless
I am fairly certain that just last night I uttered the words, “I am so tired of hearing their voices. I need my own house.” Yes…I said those words out loud (but out of earshot, so that’s better, right???)

We attempted to be THAT family. We made a trip to the library and got the summer reading chart and checked out books.

We then returned them late, one with severe water damage from a dip in the pool. I seriously could’ve bought all the books we checked out for cheaper than all the fines I owe. The charts never got completed. I know you are shocked. 

Last week, the girls started looking for their Summer Work packets. You know, the ones they send home crammed in the kids’ book bags at the end of the year along with every art project they ever did, 12 tons of loose paperwork, and all the stuff you’ve been missing from home all school year. (“So that’s where all the scissors went”). The packets they worked diligently on the first week school was out, and then misplaced for the rest of the summer. The packets that are supposed to be turned in when school starts back IN JUST A FEW WEEKS. Yeah, those packets. 

School is just around the proverbial corner. The stores have had school supplies out for weeks & every time I walk past them I feel like a terrible mother for not buying my kids Post-It notes in every color & erasers shaped like hot dogs. 

This summer has been extremely hot. I have said “Close the front door!” 3,455,765 times...I stopped saying please in mid-June
My people have consumed a gallon of tea a day, 2 gallons of milk a week, used every dish in the house twice a day, left crumbs & food particles on the counters after every trip through the kitchen, & still can’t remember to see if the dishwasher is accepting dirty dishes before just leaving them wherever. Just feel free to leave them anywhere in the house you like, small people that I birthed. I don’t mind walking around the house like a busboy all day every day stopping science experiments from growing in your cups & bowls. 

I have lowered the bar of expectation so far it’s now a step stool. 

And with school starting in literally DAYS, my most predominant thought is this:
I miss them already
In just a few short weeks we will all get back to a schedule. There will be no more sleeping until noon or eating cereal at 2 in the afternoon just because. 

We will be back to early mornings & homework & sports practices & PTO nights & so much other stuff. 

The eldest boy will be starting his senior year of college & I will be forced to resort to face-timing my eldest princess who somehow will have convinced someone she IS OLD ENOUGH FOR COLLEGE!

The littles & I will pass each other in the kitchen like zombies & mumble something about signed forms & lunch money & have you seen my fill-in-the-blank.
And another year will pass & they will grow older & be home less & begin to stare at phone screens rather than look into my eyes.
These days don’t come back, mommas
Celebrate the last of summer. 

Take the too-late trip to McDonald’s for ice cream. 

Watch too much tv & eat too many sweets & peek around the corner & watch your kids play. 

Too soon it’ll be routines again. 

Let’s fill these last days with enough memories to get us all through until at least Christmas break. 

Then, we can start planning ways to hide from them again. 

And so there is that



married mother of 5. lover of hot chocolate, books, and all things vintage. country girl with a city girl heart.

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