An open letter to every man in America,

It has happened two weeks in a row now. 

Two separate times now, one of you has pulled your car over to my side of the road, while I have been out running in a public place, not some backroads park, to ask for directions. 

Each time, you have rolled down your window to very politely asked me if I knew how to get to <fill in the blank>.

The first time, your seatbelt was dangling precariously over your shoulder, not buckled as it should have been had you actually been headed somewhere. I want to assume that was just an oversight on your part. 

The second time, you had an iPhone in your hand, which I am assuming has a built in GPS. 

Each time, you got a little too close with your car and a little too comfortable with your conversation. 

Each time, you were within half a mile either direction of a gas station, a public library, two elementary schools, a grocery store, and an entire downtown. 

Surely it had to occur to you that one of those places would be a better option to ask for help if you were lost. 

So here’s my message to you ALL:



If you are reading this, you are smart enough to know that it is bad idea this day and age. 

If someone else gave you this article to read, he/she is either assuming you just might not have stumbled across it on your own or that you are so dumb you might actually think stopping to ask a woman running alone for directions is a sane idea. 

Either way, enough is enough

Women have enough to worry about these days. 

We have kids to feed & care for, houses to tend to, jobs to go to, appointments to schedule & keep for the whole family, and on and on and on. We have meals to plan and schedules to organize and offices to run and corporations to manage. 

What we do NOT need is to have our quiet time out running/walking/jogging/hiding from the kids interrupted by some man we do not know. 

We watch the news

We know what kind of things could happen. 

We are aware that there are some of you out there that mean well, but you don’t make the news. 

Who makes the news?

The ones of you who lurk sound in parks & alleys waiting on us to come by unaware. 

The ones of you that for some sick, sociopathic reason, feel you can do whatever, to whomever, whenever you would like with no repercussions. 

The ones of you that have bad intentions ruin it for everyone

Just know this, men of America: 

We are aware. 

We are paying attention. 

We are strong & fierce & unafraid. 

We will stare you down, talk you down, & if neccesary, take you down. 

Be advised: You have been warned

If you are dumb enough after this to stop and ask a woman out running alone for directions, just know that we will assume the worst about you and act accordingly. 


Every woman in America  

And so there is that…



married mother of 5. lover of hot chocolate, books, and all things vintage. country girl with a city girl heart.

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